UCAAN #GivingTuesday Continues to Raise Much Needed Funds Until End of the Year

Giving Tuesday, the National Day of Giving was on Tuesday December 2nd. UCAAN Announced their goal to raise much needed funds to support their UCAAN CARE (Caries and Restorative Education) Dental Program and UCAAN. They are reaching out to vendors to raise enough money to fund the CARE program and need a total of (70) $100 donations for the much needed program to be fully funded. Read more about their #GivingTuesday Campaign that #UCAAN sent out to supporters, friends and families on Monday. #UCAANGiveBack This #GivingTuesday – How UCAAN Help – http://eepurl.com/91j81

giving tuesday

UCAAN Hopes that by extending the date to donate for the program and for other current programs, like the Gas Assistance Program that we will be able to reach out goal of $10,000!



 Thank You To Our Amazing Donors for Their Continued Support!

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All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible and Every Donation Counts.

A Note From the Founder

Hello Friends, Family & Supporters,

When I first considered the idea of starting a non-profit, it was my younger brother that prompted the thought. I had been speaking publicly about my experience with cancer at schools, for other organizations and businesses. I had gotten to the point where what I was doing just wasn’t enough, I needed to reach more people and support patients who were struggling the same way that I way/I did.

With an idea in my head and the passion to go with it, I started UCAAN in 2009. UCAAN was going to be something simple, an organization that I would run out of my house and have resources on the website. I soon found that housing the 500 some odd resources on a website would cost too much and eventually I started experiencing more of the “direct effects” of my treatments. The neuropathy, the herniated discs and degenerative disc disease…… but the worst was loosing my teeth. The frustration and inability to understand why this information wasn’t important enough to warn me, made me realize that a simple site of resources wouldn’t make the impact that I wanted. I soon branched out and expanded my goals and dreams for UCAAN.

UCAAN has become greater than myself in these 5 short years, we’ve obtained an office for over two years, we started a Gas Assistance Program to try to help with the growing need, as other organizations have cut these programs, we’ve spread awareness to those we serve about the information they need to know and we’ve expanded the small resource list to over 1,900 non-profit organizations nationwide. Best of all, we’ve helped over 2,857 cancer patients, survivors and warriors across the country, 85% of them outside the state of California, we’ve mailed out over 500 share the hope bracelets and more than 1,290 handmade pendants created to help patients raise the funds they needed through our Personal Fundraising Program. This year, I received the National Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States for my work with UCAAN and thanks to an amazing part of our team, we were able to acquire our first grant – one from Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Woodland Hills for our UCAAN CARE Dental Program. We’ve grown and all this was possible because of your continued support!

Thank you for dedicating your time, donating funds to support our programs and the continued growth of UCAAN. Our Team of Volunteers and our Cancer Patients, Warriors and Survivors thank you. We hope that with continued funding and exposure that we will be able to grow even bigger and extend more assistance across the state and then the country.

Please consider giving an end of the year gift to UCAAN, Without your support we cannot continue to grow. To Make a Donation, Please click our link: http://ucaan.org/support-why-choose-ucaan/one-time-gifts/

If you’re unable to donate, we ask that you help us grow through exposure. Write to local media (Radio, TV, Good Morning America, etc.), talk show hosts (Ellen, Oprah, Wendy Williams, Etc) and Celebrities and tell them why you believe in UCAAN and how they can help us – Grow Exposure! This will help us build a bridge that will allow us to get the funds to the people who need it most! UCAAN is “Bridging the Gap Between Cancer Patients and Their Immediate Needs”

With Love, Passion and Dedication,

JPP Shur TEAM_2 webRachel Shur, Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire and Executive Director

Gift Wrap 4 a Cause A Success At Janss Marketplace!!

Gift Wrap 4 a Cause Was a Success at The Janss Marketplace in the NEW LOCATION!

The EVENT was such a success that we raised above and beyond the expectations of last year! We raised $6,000!!

FB Christmas Friends   

                  Janss Marketplace: 215-G North Moorpark Road – Thousand Oaks                 

(In between Shoe Lab & The US Post Office)

November 28th Till December 23rd, 2014 * 10am-8pm and

December 24th, 2014 * 9am-6pm

Gifts Wrapped for a Donation. All Proceeds Benefit UCAAN and our Programs.

Want to get involved? Gift Wrappers Wanted!

805-479-1032  or  ucaanorg@yahoo.com

Financial Advocate Program

UCAAN has been growing slowly, but surely. With our growth spurt, we’ve changed our approach from business networking full throttle to focusing on participating in more Community Based Events. Because of this change of focus to put our concentration on those in the community to raise awareness and exposure about our cause, we’re looking to work with local residents, small businesses and companies to not only help support UCAAN but to also support members of our community.

We’ve created a unique program just for this! Announcing our Financial Advocate Program, where with your support of a one time donation of either $300 or $500, we will “work for you” and promote your business as well!

Ok, what does this mean?

For a Donation of only $300 for 6 months, you get your company information on ALL of our promotion and marketing materials: this includes brochures, event press releases, event flyers, at events, on our website, through YouTube videos and more!

For a Donation of only $500 for one year, you get all of the above, plus your business logo in event brochures, mention in newspaper and magazine articles and your logo on event banners.

But Wait!! Here’s a BONUS!

Which ever program you choose, we have our special referral program: For each person you refer, that joins as a financial advocate (for either level), you get one additional month FREE!!

So What Does the Financial Advocate Program Cover?

The Financial Advocate Program will allow us to pay the costs of running our office. Since we have no Paid staff, there are no employee costs at this time, but we’d love to be able to eventually hire on some key Team Members. In the meantime, building and sustaining our foundation, so that 100% of funds raised from other events can fully aid cancer patients through our various programs…. this needs to be covered. Your support is vital in our existence and continuation of helping the people affected by cancer NOW!

This is 100% Tax Deductible.

Choose Your Financial Advocate Level Below:

One Year Financial Advocate

6-Month Financial Advocate

UCAAN Founder Receives National Presidential Award

UCAAN founder and Thousand Oaks resident receives National Presidential Award



UCAAN Founder Rachel Shur


Local Resident Rachel Shur Receives National Presidential Volunteer Service Award for Her Work with UCAAN

 Monday June 23rd, 2014; Thousand Oaks, CA.   On Thursday June 19th, 2014 local resident Rachel Shur was surprised when a man from the United States Chaplain Service came to her UCAAN office in Thousand Oaks, Ca. With him, was local resident and cancer warrior; Debbie, who had nominated Shur for a very special award. Senior Chaplain Dan Regan was there to award Rachel Shur with a National Presidential Volunteer Service Award and to give her a signed letter from the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Shur cried within moments of hearing Mr. Regan read the letter.

Shur, a two time cancer warrior, who beat terminal leukemia in 2006 and again in 2007, is the founder and Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire of UCAAN – United Cancer Advocacy Action Network, a 501c3 organization that is 100% volunteer run in Thousand Oaks. Before Shur founded UCAAN, she volunteered her time to help other organizations and shared her cancer story at health fairs, local high schools and colleges. Eventually, it wasn’t enough for Shur and she saw what really needed to be her focus, the start of an organization unlike any other…. A One-Stop Resource organization that would help cancer patients locally and nationwide. Over the past 5 years, Shur has dedicated her time and energy into UCAAN and the people they serve: 2,575 cancer warriors, patients, survivors and their families have been helped by UCAAN and their team of volunteers.

UCAAN continues to grow, as Rachel Shur tirelessly does all that she can to help those in struggling in our community and beyond find the help they need when they need it. UCAAN’s focus is “Finding Solutions for Cancer Patients in Need Locally & Nationwide”. UCAAN has an extensive database of over 1800 organizations nationwide that offer ranges of support for those affected by cancer that they provide to patients that contact them, a personal fundraising program and locally they provide gas cards to get to treatments and fluoride trays to prevent the deterioration caused by most cancer treatments. UCAAN also hopes that within the next year they can start the following programs: UCAAN CARE Dental Program (Caries And Restorative Education), a Young Authors Therapeutic Writing Program & a Healthy Eating And Living Program (UCAAN HEAL).

UCAAN Helps anyone, any age with any form of cancer, nationwide. To find out more information about UCAAN or to make a donation, please visit: www.UCAAN.org or contact the UCAAN office: 805-796-6090. To speak with Rachel Shur directly, please call or email: 805-479-1032 or UCAANorg@yahoo.com.

The award was presented to Rachel Shur by The United States Chaplain Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service. The President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation (the Council) was established in 2003 to recognize the valuable contributions volunteers are making in our communities and encourage more people to serve. The Council created the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a way to thank and honor Americans who, by their demonstrated commitment and example, inspire others to engage in volunteer service. The program continues as an initiative of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). ###



UCAAN’s Hope – Bridging the Gap

UCAAN’s Primary Focus is on Finding Solutions 4 Cancer Patients in Need Locally and Nationwide. This means we help anyone with Any type of cancer, Any age, Anywhere across the country as long as they have a Financial Need.

We are a Grassroots 501c3 non profit organization that is 100% Volunteer run, started by a woman who gets it.

When it comes to cancer, the gap between the patients and the help has only gotten worse. With more organizations cutting entire funding programs to focus on preventative and research, which is great… the biggest question is – Who is helping the patients when they need it most?

All Affected July 2014

The Founder of UCAAN understands and faced some of the struggles that other patients do now, except the gap is even bigger.

Rachel Shur, a two-time terminal leukemia survivor experienced first hand what it was like to face cancer head on and because of her own personal experience and struggles, she started UCAAN to help those who needed it most, when they needed it. Rachel and UCAAN isn’t another Organization to say “No we can’t help you.” Instead they find any way possible to help.

Here’s a Recent Video by our Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire & Executive Director, Rachel Shur