A Successful Holiday Wrapping 2016 Season

This year we had a team of amazing volunteers that helped us make our Gift Wrap 2016 fundraiser a success. We encouraged volunteers from businesses in our community including Shire, Amgen, B of A, Wells Fargo, Farmer’s Insurance, 4-H of Piru and more!

With an exceptional donation of a remarkable gift wrap location provided by the Oaks Mall and their Partners we WOWed our clientele with the gift wrap lounge, our techniques and the location.


More donations came in from patrons in the local community and beyond including a donation towards supplies provided by Conejo Networking and a donation from Paper Mart in Los Angeles.

conejo-networking        papermart-bbg-800x800

We’d like to Thank all of you for your continued support for UCAAN and helping us continue to grow and help those in our community!

Funds raised will go into reviving our Gas Assistance Program (Gas cards for patients to get to treatments) and our UCAAN CARE Preventative Dental Program. These programs will help patients in our local community of Ventura County, with some help in the West San Fernando Valley are for the UCAAN CARE program.


UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip 2016


2 months ago my boyfriend and support Doryn Betton and I returned from an incredible cross country trip for UCAAN; a 10,500 mile, 41 day trip around the country.

6-15 prep for trip (2)                   Pictured above the Map of our route for our trip!

The UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip 2016 was funded not by our program funds but by generous donors who believed in our mission and goals for the trip.

The main mission was to find out what the BIGGEST Financial Assistance Needs of Cancer Patients was. The goals included:

*Sharing information about preventative dental care to the public including, medical professionals, cancer patients, nurses and social workers

*Visiting innovative cancer hospitals, cancer organizations and learning what they do different from other cancer centers/ organizations.

*Meeting cancer patients and their families that we’ve helped over the years.

*Meeting NEW Cancer Patients and finding out what their biggest financial assistance needs are/were.

Our biggest goal for UCAAN is to become the Largest Financial Assistance Organization in the country for those with cancer & their families.

The reality is that there’s not enough financial support for those with cancer and we want to make that a priority!

We’d like to share our raw footage from our trip, that will show you the importance of what we plan to accomplish!


“UCAAN Count on Us, Hope We Can Count on You!”

If you’re Interested in Getting involved with UCAAN, we’d love to have you! Volunteer, Donate Services, Join our Board, Join a Committee or make a Monetary Donation. UCAAN Contact us today! ucaanorg@yahoo.com  or 805-479-1032

UCAAN is a 100% Volunteer Run, Grassroots Non profit Cancer Organization.  Tax Id #27-0748389


10th UCAAN Buy Me Love Event – Sunday September 25th, 2016

Our 10th UCAAN Buy Me Love event was a fun one! Help on Sunday September 25th at the Agoura Calabasas Community Center.

We will be posting photos of our event on our facebook page soon and hope you’ll check in to see them! http://www.facebook.com/UCAANorg

Our Next UCAAN Buy Me Love Event will be held in February 2017 and the details will be posted once we schedule it! Keep checking in!


Thank you to our event Sponsors:

*DJ Jeff Rock    *Goddess of Ceremonies – Desiree Luethy

*Simply Supreme   *Merlin’s Kitchen   *786 Degrees

*Soap the Earth – Alison & Gary Richardson  *RAIN Coffee – Eve G Smith

*4Shur It’s Frozen Dessert

*The Agoura Calabasas Community Center



August 26th, 2016 – Thousand Oaks, CA

Life Changing 10,500 Mile Trip Inspires Change and Hope For Cancer Patients Through Upcoming UCAAN Buy Me Love Event

After a 41 day, 10,500 mile journey across the country UCAAN Founder and Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire Rachel Shur plans to celebrate the ground breaking trip by incorporating a travel theme at their 10th UCAAN Buy Me Love Charity Live Date & Opportunity 2 Win Event set for Sunday September 25th, 2016 from 5-9pm at The Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center located at 27040 Malibu Hills Road in Agoura Hills.

Shur and her boyfriend will share footage from their UCAAN Change a Life Road trip with attendees which include detailed stories from Cancer patients helped by UCAAN and features the biggest needs of cancer patients across the country. This is a great event for cancer warriors, survivors and their families as we’d love to share your story as well!

The bi-annual event is popular among singles and couples as a unique charity event which this year will incorporate Farm Fresh to Table food from sponsors including Chef Amy Tyrell of Morsels as you Wish and Chef Supreme Dell of Simply Supreme Chef & Wellness Consulting. Mistress of Ceremonies Desiree Leuthy of Captivating Speakers will host the event and team up with Exceptional DJ Jeff Rock of Jeff Rock Productions. Local comedians Jason Love of Thousand Oaks, a clean comedian who is One of the most sought-after comics in the business, Jason Love has appeared on Comedy Central, HBO, America’s Got Talent, and over 20 national TV broadcasts and Terrance Washington of 805 Underground comedy who’s appeared at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, The Terrace in Marina Del Rey, OC Steel House and The Brea Improv will gain your attention on the stage and make you laugh till you drop.

UCAAN has made their bi-annual event even more exciting with new ways of auctioning off men and women including incorporating questions from the attendees and a prize wheel for winning bidders to spin and win their special date packages. The event also includes an Opportunity 2 Win area, where attendees will have a chance to win a variety of special gift baskets and packages, some of which are travel themed. You can also taste some of 4Shur it’s Frozen Dessert, which is UCAAN’s favorite frozen treat that Shur started creating years ago and plans to turn it into a unique fundraising source for UCAAN’s staff and future programs. If you’ve been affected by cancer in some way and want to enjoy an inspirational, exciting and fun night out, this is the event for you!

All proceeds from their 10th UCAAN Buy Me Love event will benefit UCAAN (United Cancer Advocacy Action Network) a Grassroots, 100% volunteer run 501c3 organization that over the past 18 months has received some big acknowledgements including a Presidential Award, a $25,000 (3 year) grant from Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Woodland Hills for a preventative dental program and an award for the Full County Winner of “Best Non-profit Organization” for the 2015 Ventura County Star Reader’s Choice Awards. UCAAN has continued to grow over the years since its inception in 2009 and has now helped over 6,345 cancer patients, warriors and their families nationwide. We invite YOU to become part of this organization by attending this evening and learning how your support can help UCAAN grow into an organization that will aid more cancer patients nationwide!

For information about sponsorships, checking out the daters or attending the event, please visit www.UCAAN.org or Contact Rachel Shur directly at UCAANorg@yahoo.com or 805-479-1032


We Made it! – Our Trip Around the Country


It’s been a few weeks since Doryn and I returned from our remarkable UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip. This journey was unlike anything I had experienced and we have so many amazing memories and stories to share!

Our 10,500 mile, 41 day trip was nothing less than exceptional with the beauty that surrounded us on most of the drives through the wilderness and tree and water lined roads.

I was thrilled to meet patients I had helped over the years, excited to visit innovative cancer centers/hospitals and meeting with other organizations with similar missions to ours – Helping Cancer Patients!!

We filmed the trip and have some great footage as well as interviews that we plan on putting together in a documentary that will feature some of the best and most innovative cancer hospitals/centers in the country and another short film about the biggest financial needs of cancer patients!

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their support and all of our donors that contributed to this remarkable journey! We’ll be sharing videos with you soon. And if you’re in the area on Sunday September 25th, 2016 we hope you’ll attend our 10th UCAAN Buy Me Love Charity Date and Opportunity 2 Win event from 5-9pm at the Agoura Calabasas Community Center!

6-30 NYC 2 Queens to NJ (9)

UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip Updates

Read Our Daily Adventures Here: Cancer Rocked My World


When UCAAN Founder & Cancer Survivor Extraordinaire Rachel Shur & her wonderfully supportive boyfriend Doryn Betton left on June 16th, 2016; they left with a wonderful list of goals as they embarked on their 41 day adventure across the country for the UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip 2016.

They knew that things could change and chance meetings were possible. They knew that adventures laid ahead of them and that they would impact and change the lives of as many cancer patients that they could meet.

The goals included changing the lives of cancer patients, survivors, their families and those in the medical field by providing information about preventative dental care & healthier living/eating. UCAAN has also connected with cancer centers, organizations and current and former clients on this trip.

There is video footage and photos that will be available at a later date, in the meantime please keep up with us by reading our daily blog with photos and checking out the 2 News Videos in Florida!! 🙂

Thank you for your support and enjoy!!

Visit and Bookmark our Blog: Cancer Rocked My World


Changing Lives and connecting with Young Researchers like Eric Lau! 6-15 prep for trip (2) 6-24 rochester to Kent, Ct (10)

6-24- Rochester2Kent (7) Changing Lives in Kent, CT 6-28 day 4 (4) Changing Lives in NYC 6-30 NY to NJ (3)

Meeting Patients we’ve Helped like Nick in New Jersey! 6-30 NYC 2 Queens to NJ (9) 7-2 LexingtonVA to Muldraugh KY (21)

Giving Gifts & Information to our clients like Gaynell in Kentucky!


Changing Lives in Tennessee


Connecting with Media Relations Reps like Jessica Hatch from Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville, FL


Reconnecting with Fabulous People like Patty


Talking with Social Workers from Cancer Centers Like Moffit. This is Marc and he loves what we’re trying to do through UCAAN!

UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip Sponsors

We’d like to THANK all of our awesome UCAAN Change a Life Sponsors & Donors! Every donation makes a difference and we are so THANKFUL for all of YOU! So are our clients!


Diamond Sponsors

SoCal Signworx    Sandy Mills   Miss Alynette Aly Cat

Main Sposnsors car

Gold Sponsors

Sallie Godoy     Ben Asher Aderet    Talia Wheeler    Mitchell Sayer

Wendy Gentile-Molier   Judy Friedman    Theresa Davies

Aunt Zafrira & Uncle Yehiel   Ken Leibof

Silver Sponsors

Laurie Kelly Weber    David White    Tracy Walker   Doug Ruland

Laurie Ann Hennessy   Jean Stacy   Steve Friedman   Karen Barnes

Brianne Williams    Holly White    Angela Gardner

Kirsten Korot    Becky Evans   PJ & Bridget Hughes

Alice Matzkin   Darleen Voegler

UCAAN Change a Life Road Trip 2016

In 2011, my Assistant and dear friend Sarah Levy and I went on a trip  across the country with a mission in mind. Because of the quick deterioration of my teeth that I experienced 2 years after I completed cancer treatments and finding out that my treatments had caused it and that it could have been prevented, I went on a trip. My mission was to find out what other cancer hospitals provided information about how to prevent dental deterioration, I found 15 cancer hospitals that provided this information and toured 4 of them.

We drove 9,000 miles through 25 states in 21 days.

2011 cross country trip route

Now, 5 years later…. We’ve implemented a preventative dental program that’s partially funded by kaiser and we’ve taught patients nationwide how to prevent dental deterioration.

ucaan care dental photo

We plan on sharing this vital information to more cancer centers and cancer patients during our:

UCAAN ChangeALife2016 logo

June 16th – July 25th, 2016  Find out when we’ll be in your city, Follow us!

Download our UCAAN App to follow our progress:

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_ucaan.layout

Apple App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ucaan/id1082643333?ls=1&mt=8

or Scan a QR Code

android_UCAAN Android UCAAN App QR Code

iphone_UCAANApple UCAAN App QR Code

What Do We Hope to Accomplish on this Trip?

*Bring more awareness about preventative dental care & the importance of changing your diet

*Meeting cancer patients we’ve helped across the country and sharing their story

*Meeting new people with cancer who are interested in telling their story and expressing what needs they have (We want to raise more awareness about the importance of what we are trying to do by raising money to help cancer patients directly

*Putting our videos together with our videos from 2011 and creating a documentary

*Attending the Fancy Food Show in NYC (Per the suggestion made by Research and Development Chef Andrew Hunter when we were on CBS 2 News LA in November to compare products to our Frozen Dessert bites and to attend as an exhibitor one day!)

*Visiting the location of the famous Patch Adams Clinic – The Gesundheit Institute in W. Virginia

*And Much More!!

SPONSORS NEEDED TO HELP COVER THE TRIP EXPENSES.  Imagine getting nationwide coverage for your business!  NO FUNDS WILL BE TAKEN FROM UCAAN.


UCAAN Buy Me Love – Sunday February 21st, 2016

Our Event was a Success!! We auctioned off Dates with 18 men and women and added 2 more men to the group at the end.

We raised $2500!! Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters.

Next Date Auction is Sunday September 25th, 2016 – Mark it on your calendars! What Theme do you hope to see at the next one?

Please email and let us know!! ucaanorg@yahoo.com

Masquerade UCAAN Buy Me Love 2016

Please Note: This is not just for singles! This is for anyone who’s had cancer, been affected by cancer in some way or anyone who wants to learn more about the cause!

** Your ticket includes food samples from our caterers and chefs: Merlin’s Kitchen & Market Pie (Pizza), Juice samples from Juice Ranch, Savory Salsa, Beer tasting (21+) samples from Enegren Brewing & Figueroa Mountain Brewing, Sweet and savory treats from Popped Fresh Gourmet Popcorn, Chocolate covered treats from David’s Delectables, cash bar (One free drink ticket with your ticket purchase) and more! We’ll even have some light sides and salads from Stonefire Grill as well! We’re thinking Nutty Coleslaw, Quinoa and a salad! **

All are encouraged to come and enjoy a fun and exciting evening all for this wonderful grassroots 100% volunteer run CAUSE! Plus you get to TRY UCAAN’s Own Froxzen Desserts that were featured 11/6/2015 on CBS LA News as “Sweet Success, The Next Mrs. Fields!”

Inroducing UCAAN’s 9th UCAAN Buy Me Love Charity Date Auction. Featuring local chefs, a huge silent auction, single men and women on the dating block and much more excitement! All with a Masquerade Theme and LOTS of FUN!

Just Added!! Local Non Profit Shelter Hope is donating a certificate good for a dog at their shelter of your choice! We WILL BE AUCTIONING OFF this CERTIFICATE in our Live Date Auction. Because honestly what’s better than a puppy/dog? 🙂

Masquerade masks will be available for a donation!

Currently tickets are $15 and the day of/at the door $20.
All Tickets include Food and one Free drink Ticket!

Buy Tickets Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/masquerade-ucaan-buy-me-love-charity-date-auction-tickets-20540131085

Opportunity 2 Win tickets are good for several of our silent auction items.The other silent auction items will take bids including our Vacation giveaway and celebrity memorabilia.

Opportunity 2 win tickets are available at the door:
1 for $3, 7 for $5 and 12 for $10

Photos and bios of our daters are on our Facebook event page:


View or download and print our event flyer

2016 Masquerade event flyer full w sponsors